Sun Charm Bangle, Recycled Brass

Sun Charm Bangle, Recycled Brass

Wind and Fire

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Sun Charm expandable bangle bracelet by Wind and Fire is crafted from recycled brass with antique silver finish. Pull it open to fit over the hand and then squeeze it closed to fit most wrist sizes. Represents Strength, Rebirth, Believe. The Sun is a very strong spiritual and religious symbol. Most theories center on the Sun as a symbol of Rebirth. In a lifetime, a person goes through the stages of the Sun. The birth of a baby corresponds to the Sun rise. Then the child grows up until the peak of energy is reached, represented by Noon, when the Sun is in its highest position (from the Earth standpoint). Finally, the sun starts to go down, just like a person starts to grow old, and then comes sunset, when a person passes on. Wearing the Sun Charm Bangle will enable you to feel “The cycle of life”. A portion of the proceeds from the sale of this item is donated various charities supporting children with disabilities. Description card included.

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