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The Mystic Jewel is a small family run retail jewelry store located in the Outer Banks, NC, founded by sisters Christine and Cortney Davidson, who have been in the retail jewelry industry since 1992. The Mystic Jewel specializes in providing hand picked, limited quantity jewelry from around the world. Our vast selection of sterling silver and gemstone jewelry is unmatched by most jewelry stores. Our massive inventory includes over 100 different gemstones, minerals and fossils by dozens of designers from all over the world.

The Mystic Jewel staff is made up of a core group of family and friends with some extra summer help in our retail stores from visitors to and residents of the Outer Banks. We pride ourselves in our display, packaging, customer service and customer relations. Every aspect of our online store is run by our core group of store managers. From layout and photography to fulfillment and shipping, every step in the process is handled in-house by our dedicated and honest team.

The Mystic Jewel believes that gemstone jewelry not only adorns the body, but the mind and spirit as well! Throughout history, gemstones have been believed to hold special energies and have been used by countless cultures and religions for luck, protection, connection to the spiritual world and much more. Some minerals and gemstones which we find in jewelry have significant uses in the science and technology fields as well. Each gemstone jewelry item comes with a special description card outlining the "Mystical" properties of each stone included in the piece. 

The Mystic Jewel retail stores offer a truly unique jewelry shopping experience for any jewelry lover! We provide a colorful array of attractive and affordable sterling silver and semi-precious gemstone jewelry to visitors to the Outer Banks. If you are looking for unique jewelry stores in the Outer Banks area, please give us a visit!

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