Micro-crystalline Quartz with varying impurities.

Hardness: 6.5 to 7       Locations: Worldwide

Astrological Sign of: Leo, Capricorn, Virgo

Jasper (in general) is beneficial for Protection, Courage, Quick Thinking, Organization, Imagination, Honesty with Oneself. Jasper absorbs negative energy, balances the yin and yang, and aligns the physical, emotional and mental bodies with the etheric plane. It protects against negativity and helps one to be grounded to the stabilizing energies of the earth. Jasper is often worn by shamans, priests & kings for protection in the physical world & spiritual realm.

Ocean Jasper - Beneficial for Renewal, Service, Detoxification, Responsibility, Perception, Concentration, Change/Stress, Analytic Ability.

Picture Jasper - Beneficial for Confidence, Harmony, Stability, Comfort, Balance, Childbirth, Rids Fear, Helps With Creative Vision.

Imperial Jasper - Beneficial for Relaxation, Contentment, Compassion, Consolation, Tranquility, Unity, Wholeness, Spiritual Growth.

Red Creek Jasper - Beneficial for Tranquility, Wholeness, Balance, Relaxation, Grounding, Protection, Stress Relief, Re-energizing.

Dalmatian Jasper - Beneficial for Protection, Mood Elevation, Family Bonds, Friendships, Calms Children, Calms Animals, Rids Nightmares, Warns of Danger.

Rhyolite or Rainforest Jasper - Beneficial for Creativity, Meditation, Protection, Perseverance, Relationships, Self-Esteem, Communication, Reaching Goals.