Rainbow Quartz

Varieties: Sunset, Volcanic, Majestic, Caribbean Quartz

An enhancement process applied to quartz produces a variety of colored stones called "Rainbow Quartz”, which display a blue fire behind differing colors. In order to convert quartz into Rainbow Quartz varieties, a high process know as thin film deposition is used. The cut and polished quartz is coated with an extremely thin titanium film that bonds with quartz at the molecular level. Very little heat is involved in the process. The amount of heat applied and type of metal used in the process is what creates the different colors. The coating is permanent, but if part of the crystal chips off or is broken the natural color of the stone will show.

Rainbow Quartz Care: One should use a polishing cloth or a mild detergent for cleaning, combined with a gentle scrubbing with a soft toothbrush at the most. In order to avoid water stains on the coating, the crystal should be dried with a towel or soft cloth