*Calcium Sodium Aluminum Silicate

“Labradorescence” is the play of color produced from light diffraction within the fine, adjacent layers of separate minerals which comprise the entire stone. The "fire"effect depends on the thickness and orientation of the layers. If the layers are too thick or too thin, or if it is not observed from the proper angle, no color shiller is seen. Labradorite is named from its notable occurrence in Labrador, Canada.

Hardness: 5 to 6    Locations: Italy, Greenland, Finland, Canada, Russia, Scandinavia, Madagascar.

Astrological sign of: Taurus, Libra & Aries

Beneficial for transformation, strength and perseverance, enhancing psychic abilities, banishing fears and insecurities, removing other people’s projections, balancing analysis and rationality with inner sight, encouraging one to embrace new ideas. Labradorite has a luminescence derived from extra-terrestrial origin, bringing the galactic evolved energies from the other worlds to the earth plane. It transforms intuition into intellectual thought. It helps one to understand their chosen destiny,  enhances patience, and an inner knowing of “the right time”.