Prasiolite  is also known as Green Amethyst.

Prasiolite is the name for quartz that is green in color. It is quite rare in nature. Most Prasiolites on the market are heat treated Amethyst, and are sometimes called "Green Amethyst", possibly because Amethyst is the starting variety. When heat treated, Amethyst from most locations turns into yellow or orange citrine color. From a few locations, including Montezuma, Brazil, and Arizona a green color results. Natural Prasiolite has been reported from Poland.

Hardness: 7          Astrological sign of: Capricorn, Scorpio

Prasiolite can bring one appreciation, approval, and acclaim (and occasionally) fame. It promotes the recognition of one’s accomplishments and furthers the completion of same. It has been known as the "celestial root", bringing the ancient knowledge of illumination, germination, and growth. It has been used to stimulate healing on the spiritual level and to assist one in regaining the connection with the perfection of the self and the physical body.